Wellbeing live

This wellbeing blog is not about making green smoothies and buying more gym gear. This blog offers you opportunities to challenge your thoughts and expectations. From fun posts about surfing and bicycles to posts that will challenge your ideas of conflict, regret and other themes of life. So step up to the challenge and dig in.

This blog is a day late of which I feel terribly sorry but when you hear my excuse you will feel satisfied with it. I have moved back to the country for the summer where phone reception and fast internet are no guarantee. Yesterday the internet and phone reception completely carked it and I felt […]

This is my dog Ria at the beach, she’s about the size of a human foot, looks a little bit pathetic, I know. Ria grew up on my farm and has had little interaction with the outside world.  Every time a dog at the beach comes over to say hi, no matter how big or […]

I confess I’ve been watching The Bachelorette, I know, no comment. Last night I was watching it with my house of 2 other girls and 1 guy and before you think otherwise the guy was watching it 100% voluntarily. As we watched the suited up suitors; treading in very dangerous waters the solo male housemate […]